Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Year in Photos - Week 42

12th - 18th October
 A muddy walk
Getting the monsters
Fish pie with crispy Pombear topping
Multitasking - splashing in puddles while on the seesaw!
Just cute
Cross country festival, followed by football, followed by chilling in front of the TV
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Friday, 17 October 2014

Embracing Autumn

It was fine all morning on Sunday.  Yet as soon as we left the house it started to rain!  The weather has a habit of changing like that at the moment, especially around the time of the school run each day and I often find myself standing in the playground with no coat or umbrella in the middle of a downpour.  You'd think I'd have learnt by now!

But a bit of rain wasn't going to stop us heading to the New Forest for our Sunday afternoon stroll.  Although the same grassy paths we'd walked down a few weeks ago had now turned to mud.

The Pickle had lots of fun squelching and splashing through the muddy puddles and looking out for fungi.  He's very good at spotting them, maybe because he's closer to the ground than the rest of us!

The Princess enjoyed exploring the woods and found a huge uprooted tree.  It was a bit hard to miss to be honest!

I don't think we'll ever tire of our afternoons in the New Forest and there are so many parts of it we haven't explored yet.  I have a feeling Burley will always be our favourite spot though.

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NibNibs savoury snacks made in Yorkshire. Review & giveaway!

We were recently sent a selection of bite sized goodies from NibNibs to try.  Made in Yorkshire, NibNibs contain locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.  There is nothing I don't recognise on the ingredients lists, instead they are full of delicious things like 'wheat flour from Yorkshire mills', 'mature British cheddar', 'British butter', 'Yorkshire water' and 'sea salt'.

The MiniNibs Exceptional Cheddar Cheese Straws are possibly my favourite of the selection.  I love cheese straws and these didn't disappoint.  Although crunchier than some of the warm freshly baked ones you'd find in a bakery, you can tell the ingredients are natural as they don't have that artificial flavour you find in some processed cheese snacks.  

The MiniNibs Exceptional Cheddar & Cheeky Onion Straws are very similar in taste and texture to the standard cheese ones, but with an added hint of onion.  It's not too overpowering, which I like, as usually I'm not a fan of 'cheese and onion' products.  However, I did enjoy these and would happily eat them again.  

The MiniNibs Exceptional Cheddar & Spicy Chilli Straws didn't appeal to me as I'm not a fan of spicy food.  Neither are The Princess and The Pickle, but Daddy loved them!  I did try a few and there is just a hint of warmth, the chilli is not very strong at all.  I probably would have tried a few more but they all disappeared rather quickly!

The MiniNibs Roasted Salt & Pepper Jumbo Peanuts were delicious!  They were very well seasoned but, again, the flavour was not too strong.  I would definitely buy these again, not as an everyday snack but probably around Christmas time for a little treat!

Overall, we really enjoyed the NibNibs snacks.  As fussy eaters, The Princess and The Pickle liked the standard cheese straws but weren't keen on the other flavours.  I'd love to see a few more products in the range with flavours they would like, as onion and chilli don't appeal to them.  I think the snacks would all be perfect for parties or for sharing on evenings in instead of crisps/popcorn.  The packaging of the MiniNibs is visually appealing and I can see us keeping the handy little pots for Christmas craft activities!  One thing I really liked was that the pots were filled up to the top - unlike some other snacks where they fill only half the packaging (Yay to more food and less wasted packaging!)

If you'd like to try some for yourself, you can enter this giveaway for the chance to win a selection of NibNibs - good luck!

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Monday, 13 October 2014

My Songs - The new Spotify app for kids

The Princess and The Pickle were recently asked to have a little look at the new My Songs Spotify app and see what they thought of it.  Launched by music label USM Junior, it is the first ever children's music based discovery app on Spotify and is available on the free version as well as premium.

My Songs can be found using the Spotify App Finder and is currently at number 101.  Please excuse the photos of my very dusty laptop screen complete with child finger marks where he thought it was a touch screen!

You have the option of party songs, rhymes, TV themes, lullabies and more and from there you can choose a playlist suitable for under or over 5 year olds.

The Pickle and I enjoyed putting together our own playlist from the Halloween and Party albums and I think the Christmas playlists will be popular in our house in another month or so!  The Pickle is pretty good with computers but he's only 4 and found this really easy to use with a little help.  Here is our Halloween party playlist!